Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register to borrow books?

    Visit your campusĀ  library to register. you will be given a username and password to access materials from the library

  • Do I need to register to download ebooks?

    At the moment, all our ebooks are free for download, but this will be for a limited period

  • How do I borrow books from Open Library?

    To use ebooks from Open Library, you must create account at open library

  • Do I need to pay for registration to borrow at the College Library?

    Yes. This is done either by showing your tuition fee receipt, clearance from your institution or making additional fees (may be applicable to visitors). All is done on site

  • Are videos free?

    Yes, you can watch all videos on this site free, directly or through youtube

  • How do make the best use of journals?

    We provide links only to best free and paid journals. you can follow the links to read and download recent edition of these journals